What is Raziaa?


The name Raziaa stems from Arabic name Razia which means happy and content. It is also the name of a beloved mother, sister and daughter who lost her life to diabetic complications at the young age of 33. Razia Abdirahim Mumin lived a gracious life in Mombasa, Kenya on the coast of East Africa. She would dress in beautiful garments and colorful hijabs that complimented her vibrant personality. So in loving memory we are dedicated to continuing her legacy through the RAZIAA brand. 
Our objective is to make the transition of purchasing hijabs from the traditional way by making them available to you at the tip of your fingers from our website. Affordability is also a big focus, every woman should be able to have an abundance of hijabs without causing a major dent in your wallet.
What differentiates Raziaa is that we promotes diversity and melanin. We love to give our customers the visual of seeing our hijabs in variety of styles and colors on multiple shades of skin tones.  
Lastly, RAZIAA will be raising diabetes awareness using our platform. We want to be able spread the seriousness of this disease to our family and friends to avoid future complications. We believe in helping our fellow community members and guiding others into living a healthy lifestyle. Keep connected below by subscribing to our website to follow up with our blog and various content.